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Our Company

DTI is an Argentinian family company that has two business divisions:

It is the line that deals with the development and production solutions for modern architecture, especially for leaning roofs and industrialized buildings.

It is the line that deals with the production of liquid organic amendments, fertilizers and manures, applicable in extensive, intensive and home crops.

It was funded by the Engineer Gurami Mironowski who possessed a wide curriculum as an investigator, technician and businessman. In the construction area, he fostered and developed in the Argentinian market and in the Mercosur (Southern Common Market) with innovative spirit products for roofs and walls, connectors, and the well-known breathing sub-roofing, all of them leader brand products. He also introduced the concept of roof system, ventilation systems for covers, the concept of higrothermia and he developed software for the condensation calculation. He gave lessons about these topics in industrial schools, universities and schools in Argentina and abroad.

Today DTI is the leader company in the Argentinean market in the area of waterproof sub-roofing and vapor controllers (VCL), at the same time it sells its products to many countries.

Our leadership is ratified each day with high quality products and development, innovation and training actions, offering avant-garde solutions for construction and agriculture. We work to offer more and better products and services to our clients.